The Casquette Girls by Alys Arden

The Casquette Girls


Well, I’m not sure where to begin. I’m torn over my rating and I think that a 3.8 is more accurate, there are a few too many things about the book [minor details,] that bring my rating down from a 4. For instance, how the book starts off fairly slowly and by fairly slowly I mean things don’t begin to pick up until you reach around 200-250. By the time 250 rolls around, if you managed to stay with the book, things begin to rapidly pick up from there.

We begin our story with a sixteen year old Adele Le Moyne who is just moving back from Paris to New Orleans after a devastating [unnamed] storm has hit the state. The state is a ghost place, where a curfew is set in place and looters are on the prowl. Even though the storm is unnamed when you read it you can’t help but think of the devastation Katrina caused and so it was interesting to view it as that being the storm to cause such havoc.

Adele meets new individuals as she begins to settle into her ‘old’ life and she meets new people, people who confuse her. Eventually, we begin to see her abilities surface and what she is capable of in small dribs and drabs. I wasn’t keen on the lack of explanation of her magical abilities but it does come later [a little bit.]

As soon as she comes into the possession of a diary that belongs to an ancestor of hers [around page 250 or so,] the book takes off and you’re plunged into a world where the Casquette Girls formed and you discover an unlikely coven, vampires and more intrigue.

The book ends and it leaves you with questions that make you want to read the second book and I think I really will read the second installment. This book was a quick read once things actually began to happen, I just wasn’t keen on how slow it was in the beginning. It was interesting though, to see the devastation and how the storm and storms in general destroy peoples lives.

Very interesting read.

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