Little Red by Bethan Woolvin

Little Red


I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I typically don’t review children’s books, but since I do read my fair share of them to my two children under the age of 5, I thought maybe I’d read one to them and see what they thought [as well as myself.]

We all know the story of Red Riding Hood and this is a short and not entirely sweet, it is very dark. This book doesn’t hide the darkness to it and it is illustrated to go along with the tale. The illustrations are rougher/cartoonish but they are done very well.

I read this to my son and asked him at the end what he thought, he said it was a good book but it was a little scary. He liked Little Red but the Bad Wolf was scary. So, keep this in mind for little ones. There is a clear depiction of Little Red with an ax in her hand and in the next scene she’s wearing wolfskin, my son knew what happened.

The bright side, it shows how fearless Red was when faced with an adversary who [visibly] ate her grandmother.

There are pros and cons to this book, it shows her being brave, but it can come across a little too dark and/or scary for a young one.

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