Paper Dolls by Ketley Allison


Paper Dolls

So, I’ll sum this book up. Scarlet has a penchant for things consisting of dangerous, something in her is dark and thrives when danger is around, so when her friend decides to pull her into a secret society to waitress, she’s all about it. She meets this bad boy there who is all kinds of danger, he has bad connections and to consort with her is just .. crikey! Danger, Danger! Said bad boy, Theo Sax begins to want to chase her away from this lifestyle – she’s too good for it, and she isn’t taking the bait.

Alright, so the writing is pretty decent in this book, and the characters are alright, too.. but at times [at least for me] they seemed to fall flat. I would have liked to see more depth to each of the characters. Sometimes it felt like there was too much monologue and not enough scene changing, or real storytelling here.

BUT… this wasn’t by any means a bad book, it was interesting, there were just a few things that were off to me. I really would like to see more depth as well as emotion, because although none of this scenario was relatable to me it could have been made more relatable if there was more connection to the characters which then would have really put me in their shoes.

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