Dragon Marked by Jaymin Eve


Dragon Marked

I thoroughly enjoy supernatural books and will binge read them. I don’t care if things are a bit cliche as long as the characters are enjoyable, relatable and have depth. This being said…

I give this book 3 stars, it’s not entirely original and there is more than enough in it that makes me cringe. The main character, Jessa, is a female shifter who has the attention of four guys, the Compass brothers, who are just as special, she is also SUPER a strong, too, on top of being a hottie. So, this kind of got old, especially with how focused the book became on the characters appearance.

The book seems more like a species guide than an actual story. The more we progress through the book it becomes campy.

I enjoy romance, humor and adventure when done right. Although this book was by far from perfect it wasn’t altogether horrible… this author does show promise of greater things to come.

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