The Wrong Girl by C.J. Archer

The Wrong Girl

Okay, so every so often I like to read books that are either free or heavily discounted and that happen to be by unknown or debuting authors. I’ve found several of my new “unknown” authors by doing this.

So, this happened to be one of the freebies I found available through my iBooks.

To begin with, this is a gothic tale about a girl [now young woman,] who had been locked in an attack with an Earl’s daughter, who seemingly has an ability to start fires, while Hannah Smith [our MC,] has a disorder – she’s a narcoleptic.

Eventually she is abducted by Jack, the new gardener at the house and believed to be Lady Violet, the Earl’s daughter. She’s then brought to Freak House, or it’s actual name is Frakingham Manor. There she meets the mad doctor, a sweet girl, a mute footman, and an onslaught of other characters. She is promised that all will be alright, that they only want to help her with her powers – what powers?!

As the story goes on you begin to question what is actually going on [or if you’re like me, you kind of guess the story because when you’ve read so many books it’s hard to surprise us, right?] there is a twist in the story, we find out some interesting things and altogether it’s a fairly easy, quick read and interesting.

I’m not going to gush about this story, but I do believe it’s worth a 2.7 to 3 stars. I think it could have been better if the background stories had been embellished on but maybe that is to come since this is a series? It’s written well, I just wish there had been more depth to it.


    1. So do I. There are some great gems that can be found and I have found two great authors that I really enjoy through that process. :} Cheers!

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