Confessions of an unlikely runner by Dana L. Ayers

Confessions of an unlikely runner

“We actually made it to mile seven without taking any walk breaks, because we were so busy trying to do math while pretending there was a chance we’d actually finish at all.”

I really loved this book and yes I’m going to review it even though it’s a short book, it’s only 110 pages via kindle. I was able to get it free and was thankful that my running buddies suggested it.

This is a must read for any runner or individual thinking about running. Personally, I just started running last October and I haven’t been able to train consistently due to having a young family. I can relate to MOST if not all of these circumstances and I think any runner at one point or another can as well. Since I just signed up for my FIRST half marathon [for those of you who don’t run, that’s a whopping 13.1 miles!] and have been just as consistently inconsistently training for it.

Everything in this is relatable as well as hilarious.This is a comedy/diary of a runner and if you have the time, I would recommend it. It’s a great doctors office read, or hair appointment. Heck, read it anywhere any time! Dana L. Ayers is accurate and hilarious.


    1. Thank you for writing it! As I just ran my first half 11/1 .. I found myself having ‘moments’ and had to laugh because I was thinking about you and your stories which got me through! :}

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