Inkheart by Cornelia Funke



“”Every book should begin with attractive endpapers,” he had once told Meggie. “Preferably in a dark color: dark red or dark blue, depending on the binding. When you open the book it’s like going to the theater. First you see the curtain. Then it’s pulled aside and the show begins.””

Some reasons why I love Inkheart.

-it’s about book fiends such as myself
-it’s also about writers such as myself
-it’s about the characters we either read or create for people to read

I am late to the party, tragically late, but I have finally made it and enjoyed my time there. The book and movie shouldn’t be compared, both were wonderful in their own way but different and worth the watch and read.

What I preferred about the movie is that you get more depth from the movie than in the book. There are points to the book that irritate me but it’s a the ignorance and arrogance of our villains, but that my friends is the very point the author is trying to make, still its just how I feel. I prefer a learned villain! Then of course the over protective father who aims to retain his daughters naivety and innocence by keeping her ignorant… That is tiresome but again it is a point in the story. Or at least that is what I’m gathering with how common it is.

Overall it can be a mite drawn out all over, but it is beautiful and written for strorytellers and story readers alike.

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