Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen



Why. Why. Why!? What did the tale of Robin Hood ever do to you, or my eyes for that matter. Ugh, okay, I’ll be nicer. Now that my brain and eyes are no longer throbbing.

I couldn’t get past page 50, to be honest. I didn’t want to force what wasn’t there and let me tell you it took a lot to keep going past page 15, let alone getting to page 50.

Why? Well, let’s see.. the ideas here are great.

-Girl posing as a male
-Girl longs for a male, but she is dressed as a male
-Girl wants hunky male

Does any of this sound familiar? I think someone wrote something similar to this at one point.. I don’t know, I think his name might have been…William Shakespeare? Yeah, just a small name…right?

I don’t mind retellings, I don’t mind incorporating Shakespearean stories into plots either. The man wrote everything – so why not?

This.. however… I could not for the life of me get into. Perhaps because it is written in a very illiterate tone and while they may be the point to it as it is written in first person, I *cant* make my brain accept it. Everyone else in the story talks normally except for our Scarlet.

Scarlet blushes, constantly. She’s a ‘hard ass,’ but to me it’s just like she’s constantly trying too hard to be masculine… and she just comes off as a hot headed you know what.

From there – I can’t tell you what happens or even summarize as I didn’t get far into this at all. I am a Robin Hood enthusiast and was really excited for this… now I’m trying to cleanse my mind and apply aloe to my eyes.


  1. You abided by the 50 page rule. If you read 50 pages, and you’re just not into it, let it go. There’s too much great literature that you will enjoy to waste your time reading things that just aren’t for you. 😀


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