Immortal Beloved by Cate Tiernan


Immortal Beloved

I really had difficult getting into this book, it starts out with Nastya, our lead female who is a party goer and is inexplicably what is described as an “immortal,” what we come to later find out that these immortals are essentially witches. She is 400, nearly 500 years old and has lost her humanity, she happens to blot it out with partying. Nastya makes bad choices and hangs out with an awful crowd of people who make worse decisions. When an inevitable horrible thing happens by the hands of one of her friends, it wakes her up.

So, we hit a flashback which takes place about 80 or so years ago. There is a woman named River that she meets at another tragic event, do we see a pattern here? This woman tells her to find her in Massachusetts at X location when she grows weary of her current life. Bounce back to the future, Nastya is tired of her life, she’s terrified and on the run from her so called friends, [who are also immortals.]

The story begins to really pick up when she is thrust into what is essentially a rehab for immortals, the idea really struck me as interesting. Immortals live so long that they lose their humanity and ability to really care for what surrounds them, this rehab which is headed by River as well as her partner, is to rehab these immortals to bring normalcy into their life, to ensure that every moment and every breath in their life truly counts. Mundane tasks are preformed by way of gardening, harvesting, taking care of horses and sweeping. These are all tedious things but it gives an individual time to think, reflect and feel.

Enter Reyn, a hunky stuffed shirt that she finds herself drooling over and also being brought back to flashbacks of a horrible past. She finds herself pulled to him and repelled at the same time. It’s a mutual feeling and as the story unfolds you begin to see why.

I wouldn’t gush over the book because at times it was slow and I felt some pieces were unimportant but it was a good “moral” as to letting the past be the past and it’s never too late to change. I would recommend this read, but be forewarned that there are flaws by way of lack of story development, depth of character and a few minor details.

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