Entreat Me by Grace Draven

4 out of 5 stars

Entreat Me by Grace Draven

I didn’t have super high expectations, but I expected something great because Master of Crows was a great find! I was wondering if Draven could wow me again.

While some of the characters needed some growth I believe this was fairly worthy of the four stars I gave it. It’s a retelling of beauty and the beast with a twist, minus a few of the servants, sadly. The main character, Louvaen is a strong woman who stops at nothing just about. She is a dedicated lover and sister, who refuses to give up even though she faces a few adversaries.

Ballard, the beast, has a ruthless past and the curse he and his son are under is revealed in dribs and drabs. It’s a fast read, that focuses more on romance than the world. Perhaps if the world building of MoC was fused in this book I would have given it a five star rating.

Still, totally worth the read and I’m not disappointed.

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