Divergent by Veronica Roth



At first I thought to compare this book with The Hunger Games, oh, how I was wrong to do that. Sure, there are some similarities because its a futuristic dystopian world, the main character is a female, there are factions/districts and the main charrie is 16. Okay, well that’s a pretty general recipe for a young adult dystopian novel/series.

We meet Tris Prior who from the get go is a little odd, we don’t know why, but she is. The entire world really is at this point, but hey who is judging? She of course has some character flaws, but we don’t exactly want to see mary sues walkin’ about our pages, do we?

So instead of district 1-12, we have factions.

Abegnation, selfless

Dauntless, brave

Erudite, intelligent

Amity, peaceful

Candor, honest

Factionless, the homeless/outcasts

They have what is called a placement test which is taken when they are 16, it helps determine what faction they are to be in for the rest of their life, this gives them a chance to branch away from the one they are currently in. This is what I really enjoyed about the book because there was a lot of psychology behind the choosing and what not.

Tris Prior ends of choosing and here we meet Four/Tobias, one of the leaders of her new faction. Enter some tension, because Tris doesn’t really belong here [or does she?] She’s a tough girl who can take punches [seriously,] and rises to meet challenges, frequently so.

Four/Tobias is intrigued by her, he’s our leading male and his story is far more interesting than Tris Prior’s, kind of a cliche here with him having a tortured past, but I guess everyone has a story, right?

This book is so quick as you read it, there is never a dull moment. A real page turner! what else? it is such a deep, psychological book and it truly surprised me. its really profound, inspiring and I could go on about it, do yourself a favor, read it!

Of course there is a love interest in the book, but again, it’s not an immature relationship. It’s got a real feel, real fear and is by no means the center of the story here. Remove the relationship and you’ve still got a great book. Course it never hurts that Four is a hottie.. ;D


  1. I love Divergent, and I made the same mistake with assuming it would be another THG rendition at first – God, was I wrong! Great review!

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    1. Thank you, by far this was my favorite out of the series. As it wound down I found myself a little more disappointed and by the end entirely shocked. It’s certainly a different take!

      Thank you.

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