Dead until dark by Charlaine Harris

Dead until dark

“I want to call you all those gooshy words you use when you love someone, no matter how stupid it sounds.”

So eloquently written…NOT! If that is what you’re looking for here, a book that is poetically dark then stop there and consider reading Carmilla by Le Fanu instead. This is kind of the bottom of the barrel as far as supernatural romance goes, so please if you’re looking for quality storytelling or insight to the dark world of vampires as well as other ‘underworld’ characters, look somewhere else!

I decided to read this way late in the game, I had been an avid True Blood fan and when the show ended I decided that I would begin reading the books. Now, we’re talking just recently – as of July 2015. I’ve been able to suck down these books and I don’t want to review them individually, but I’ll give a vague review that can be [i’m sure] applied to all of them.

Sookie Stackhouse calls her ability a disability, which kind of got me uppity from the beginning and the fact she goes around calling it this peeves me off continuously. However, this aside, from the get go Sookie comes off as being a bimbo and though she tries to say she’s a learned woman, that she isn’t stupid – she is. Very stupid in fact. In the show Sookie enraged me because of her stupidity, but the show Sookie might be smarter and far more independent than what novel Sookie is.

S: He better think twice about orderin’ me around! I’m my own woman and he better remember that!

B: Take off your clothes. Wear this outfit.

S: Okay, B! You just like my ass in these jeans!

B: I like you in nothing, but these jeans…I like them.

S: You got it boo! Oh, no…don’t start.. I’m not in the mood, B. I’m really tired.

B: I want to. So we’re going to.

S: Oh…alright…we can.

This sort of thing drives me crazy. She is not her own woman, she listens to what Bill says all the time. If he wants her dressing a certain way she does.. if he wants sex she drops it like its hot. She never stands to her word and its a weakness that just irritates me when she goes around waving her “I’m a woman hear me roar” flag – when she’s mewling like a weaned kitten!

So, then Sookie is shown this world of supernaturals, she gets drawn into their drama and is eventually used. She allows them too as well.

All in all, I really don’t care for this book OR the book series, but it has me drawn in because I do want to see how it differs from the show. My morbid curiosity and my love for Eric, which yes… he’s in the books and Eric is Eric. He’s the saving grace, I suppose.

Bill is even MORE flat – if you didn’t think that is possible, think again.

I wish I had great things to say about this series, but I don’t. Yet, I’ll continue to read until the end so I can say “I did it, I suffered, I conquered…. I DID IT!”

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